How an Hour of Silence a day can change your Life

I am a terrible Listener…

Hi, my name is Mari and I am a terrible listener. When engaged in any emotional conversation I will interrupt you often and on occasion, my facial expressions will not be very nice. It could be defined as a bit immature. I have suffered from this behavior for many years it is not the same level with everyone but still it is a major problem. I own up to this ugly side of my communication skills, I do work on it daily, I do not like or condone that approach, I am really sorry I am a work in progress.

Wow, there I said it out loud. Now what? Ok so let’s dive into this admission some more. As 2019 comes to an end I am once again doing my end of the year clean up. I sit with myself and review how I did throughout the year and grade myself on it. This year was a basket full of amazing surprises which allowed me to thrive and test myself but I did terribly at emotional conversations and specifically with one person. There are fifty-two weeks in a year and I think thirty weeks of this year bought that connection some sort of challenge. Communication is everything, it destroys, it heals, and it allows validation of feelings and thoughts. When you engage in conversations, any conversation and are constantly interrupted that causes friction and disconnect.

There is no excuse for gravitating towards that form of communication, at least for myself I won’t even try to defend it. Just because I am extremely emotional about the subject matter whatever it may be at the moment, I still have a CHOICE on how to handle myself. That choice is what sets the tone for how things play out and how the people involved walk away feeling.

This is How an Hour of Silence a day can change your Life.

Of course, I practice many forms of self and mental health care but that doesn’t mean day to day events don’t still test me. I am on a journey I have no timeline and my only goal is to continue to grow and to do better the next day. Arriving for me means and will mean I can embrace my discomfort for a longer period of time so that I may show love and respect and kindness to those I am communicating with in spite of not agreeing. Remaining mindful that it is no one’s responsibility to check my emotional responses. Self-Care Self- Empowerment means just that…beginning with Self.

Once you find yourself at that point where things can and will take an ugly turn practice Shutting Up. Silence is a FREE remedy. The only cost is a choice and practice. An intention you set into play that may save you down the line.

This is How an Hour of Silence a day can change your Life:

regroup, give yourself time to reassemble your thoughts

-reset, commit to approaching things differently

-recharge, replenish your energy focus on something else and then come back

-love, nothing lasts forever, change your perspective, remember that the aim is peace and joy

Sixty minutes, that is all YET that is everything. I should have practiced it more this year but I am committed to trying again in 2020. Of course, there are other things I will be working on but this area needs my attention the most. And it is not just me, as I observe it is many people. People who hold positions of power, people who are admired and considered role models, people who we may feel should know better. Emotions are a tricky thing and unless we learn how to deal with them properly and how to express them in a healthy way poor choices will continue to be made.

I hope your end of the year review has balance but honesty. We are all a work in progress and we all can start fresh with our next choice. Share your past or present experience here with me would love to hear how you navigated through your challenge.

Always stress-free xo,


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