How to Embrace change in Difficult times. Living through the Corona Virus.

I Will Survive

This MUST become your motto, this must become your focus & NEW way of approaching life.

Hello doll, my hopes are high and intentions are strong that you and yours are safe, in good spirits, adjusting, and remaining focused on what’s waiting for you on the other side. You will get through this. This is just a bump in the road. Today we will focus on Embracing change and Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.

From the start lets just be clear sh*t is looking pretty scary. If you are watching the news constantly you will remain in a state of panic so I’m going to share four (4) tips you can try so you can change your perspective and keep things going. As you may already know I live in NYC and things are looking pretty dim out here.

I’ve lost track of the weeks I’ve been home at this point. I was notified by my boss last Friday that due to the lockdown I will have to file for unemployment until further notice. I’ve been working since the age of fourteen so I don’t even know what that means. Certain supplies like alcohol, baby wipes, paper towels, toilet tissue, bottled water, canned fruits, and veggies just to name a few are totally none existent in most of the areas I’ve gone to and when they restock you best be there when the doors open. My daughter is in Florida, safe and sound I am here alone, I can’t use my photography as an escape. This is my NEW normal.

I think my life’s journey has prepared me for this honestly. What I mean by this is that I am not panicking at the requirement to remain home or at the request for “social” distancing. I think all the relationships in my life have prepared me for embracing change in difficult times.

So…how are we going to Embrace change in Difficult times and live through this Corona Virus? Here are my four (4) tips:

Meditation, I know to many this seems difficult especially now to be asked to SIT in stillness, remain centered, and be grateful but check this out. RIGHT now IS the perfect time, why, well because if you can’t be still in a time like this how will you be able to make the RIGHT decisions for yourself or your family? A lot of things are changing right before our eyes, moment to moment, affecting simple things we have taken for granted most of our lives and survival requires a level head. Emotions at times cause fear and fear leads to poor choices. So, you are not the Dali Lama but how about you try to put into place your own PAUSE and just stop and breathe deeply in and out with your eyes closed for just ONE minute?

reason season2.jpgreason season2.jpg

Movement, depression, anxiety, and loneliness can hit us all and it is especially taking its toll on those who actually do suffer from these mental issues. Now is the time to extend kindness and support. Don’t waste all of your time binge-watching nonsense. Join an online class! Find something you are interested in and ask your friend(s) to join you as well. On days no one is available hop on YouTube or one of your music streaming services search your favorite music genre, create a playlist, and dance your booty off. All those times you said you wish you had more time to dedicate to your Self-Care well here it is. The time is now, start caring about yourself.

Gratitude, there is so much to be grateful for right now even though depending on your circumstances it may not seem like it but honestly just CHECK yourself. Start with something as simple as you woke up today. Your ability to grab your phone and text someone. Anything small can bring you joy and peace. Turn off the news tune into your life. Yes, we must remain informed but there are 24 hours in a day don’t waste most of them on worry. Make today count.

and finally…

Acceptance, how fast or slow you get back to YOUR normal at this moment if we keep it real is totally out of your hands. It’s up to the state you live in the restrictions you need to follow but YOUR LIFE is still your life and you can choose how to flow through it. We can hold on to the current restrictions or we can let go, embrace, and get comfy. What we fight persists and kills us slowly. When we learn to bend with the breeze we don’t break. We always have a choice, even when you don’t make one that in itself IS a choice.

I am accepting that I don’t have an office to go to anymore. I am accepting that my finances will be affected in many ways. I am accepting people are and will continue to get sick and perhaps even die. I am accepting that I already know someone who has the Corona Virus. I am accepting that those I love I can not be close to at this moment. I am ACCEPTING. I know that I am not alone we are all in this together no one is exceptional Corona doesn’t care WHO you are.

Let’s get comfortable with the Uncomfortable. As the saying goes “this too shall pass” and if you want to thrive not just survive the sooner you let go and start to flow the sooner peace will fill your heart. Stay safe, stay grateful, remain kind, and keep living with JOY!

Always stress-free xo,


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