Partial Truths

Words matter.

Those you say out Loud, those you say to yourself in Silence, those you Never say at all.

Too much Ego, lack of Mindful Compassion, Use of Wrong speech, Shiny Object Syndrome.

All these things and more get in the way of transforming a moment where we hit a dead end into creating something Glorious. 

Patience is required.

A part of me wants to close my eyes & block out what’s right in front of me.

A part of me wants to vent, a part of me wants to sit in silence, a part of me wants to scream, a part of me wants to distract, a part of me is lathered up in righteousness, a part of me wants to let go, a part of me sits in fear, a part of me feels relief, a part of me feels abandoned, a part of me wants to point her finger, a part of me feels violated, a part of me feels raw and bloody, a part of me is grateful that I am feeling, a part of me feels NOTHING at all.

Both victim and offender

To be awake is to be aware of this new Reality

To be awake is to be responsible for how my life will now continue to unfold from this moment forward

To be awake is to accept that those same judging eyes I used on others are now focused on me, those fingers I pointed towards others are now pointing at me

To be awake is to acknowledge that I now require the utmost pouring of Loving Kindness I have ever practiced on MYSELF.

Is this Vulnerability worth while?

To save my life…Yes

To continue to grow… Yes

To transform this lesson…Yes

For me to be Reborn…


You can’t do that

You don’t know how to listen

You are quick tempered

You tend to be too controlling

You think too highly of yourself

You are not adventurous

You lack empathy

You have a dismissive attitude

You lack ambition

You are stuck in fear

Your expectations are not clear

These are all Partial Truths

Yes I am and have been at some point in my life all those things and perhaps even more.

How do you know what I am capable of doing if I haven’t been given the chance?

I may lack great listening skills but I won’t give up trying.

My quick temper is the passion I feel for the subject matter and the investment of my time.

I am controlling at first but once I slow down and process the information the benefits are endless.

I think highly of myself because growing up I wasn’t thought of Highly enough

My childhood stifled a lot of my get up and go spirit but when I 

get out of my head and embrace the adventure, there is nothing like watching me react like a child taking its first steps…Priceless.

Patience is required.

Empathy is a skill you have to nourish and cultivate sometimes when you are functioning from a point of survival it can take a back seat.

Being dismissive is all in your perspective.

Ambition is defined as a strong desire to do or be something. My desires are mine, they shouldn’t mimic someone else’s therefore I lack nothing, it’s just your perspective.

Fear is embedded in all human beings. 

For some it serves as fuel to press go for others it presents as quicksand.

Patience is required.

Expectations cause disappointment. 

I’ve been disappointed many times in my life so that has caused me to sometimes not be clear in my speech. I am working on that.

Patience is required.

Partial Truths

Make up the sum of who we are, how we come across to others, how we see ourselves.

The totality of our existence judged in Partial Truths

The magnitude of our actions judged in Partial Truths

Our calls to action judged in Partial Truths

I have a duty to myself to follow the pain, to lay it down, to grieve, to forgive, to let go and continue to heal.

 I am not one Partial Truth. 

I am the Sum of all my Truths. 

The rare gem underneath all the dirt.

The Treasure worth Excavating.

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