Hurt people hurt People…Pain & Regret journey towards Healing through a perspective shift

I can’t give you what I don’t have

That’s not a cliche´ that’s a FACT.

What I don’t nurture for or in myself I am unable to give or express to another. Love, Kindness, Empathy, Value, Trust, Understanding, Patience, Reverence, and so forth….that which translates into I am priceless, I am a delicate treasure that should always be protected, supported, and cared for. I should approach all things with the best purpose and intent.

If this is how you deal with the “self” it will always spill onto others. If this is how you walk in your daily life, this too will be how you walk along with others.

Hello, my love! It’s been a minute since I felt the need to write you at length. I hope that as you read this you find yourself in the best of places. That your health is on point, that your spirits are high, and that you are surrounded by love. If you are not…then know I am here sending you love and support through these words.

We are finding ourselves once again in difficult trying times. So much pain, suffering, struggles, destruction, etc.. surrounds us on the news and in person for some daily. Hurt people hurt People. I wanted to write you a “letter” of sorts to share my perspective, encourage conversation, and in turn perhaps even begin to some extent a healing process to get us to the other side 🙂 here goes…

Dear Beautiful One,

Can I start off by saying that I would like you to slow down for just a tiny bit? That you are doing way too much for absolutely NO REASON. You are carrying a chip on your shoulder and your actions are Ego driven therefore all you do and say is and has constantly been translating into destruction. What are you trying to prove and who are you trying to prove it to?

There is only ONE you. You are strong and worthy and valued. I SEE you. You don’t have to act like a bully, you don’t have to manipulate any situation, you don’t have to stump around in your surroundings to be HEARD. You don’t have to constantly play a character. You have a purpose and I know that, but it is up to you what that purpose is, what your actions SHOW others.

What’s wrong? Who hurt YOU? Was your childhood cut short by violence, was your home destroyed by greed, is the climate not to your liking, is love that difficult a concept, is it that difficult to just slow down, did someone or something invade your space and make you feel unsafe? Pain & Regret is not necessary, TALK to me, express yourself differently, I can not understand EGO.

with Love, Always M xo

Understanding that we all communicate differently opens up ALL doors.

It’s difficult to comprehend the purpose of EGO, oppression, violence, aggression and so forth. This is an open letter…an invitation to all beings that take their pain & instead of working through it use those emotions and create harmful situations and connections. With my words I am encouraging you to sit, peel away the layers, talk to resolve not to WIN.

Share your thoughts & experiences. love n light xo,


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