Downloadable Self-Search Workshop Booklets



The Healing must start from Within

Over the years I’ve been both a student and a teacher at numerous Wellness and Self-Care workshops. The common thread is always SELF.

I added these gems to the site in hopes of making your journey into becoming your most Authentic self easier to begin. Change is never pain-free, we are complex beings. So many “layers” where do you start? I always say you have to choose to want change and then… dig in.

The two workbooks above are from previous shops I’ve held. They encourage lots of writing, breaking down, purging, grounding, and releasing into a NEW perspective and movement in yourSelf with Intention. I share them with love and hope that you will ALWAYS choose yourself first and that you will always look for the tools to assist you in Creating your Best Life!

So go ahead and check out Layers and Concealed, download, save, and share with anyone who you feel may need a boost. Feel free to leave a comment, share pics on your social media, and tag #mommywoodgems so I can cheer you on!!! Use these Free goodies!

xo, Mari

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