Here’s what they are saying about Mari

Lori Rodriguez

Mari embodies the definition of what it means to be a safe space. She not only gives great advice but she is such an amazing listener! Never has she made me feel like my opinions and thoughts don’t matter. Instead, she has actually helped change my perspective on a lot of things in life starting with self-image and confidence! When I “grow up” I’d love to embody a lot of who she is 🥰

Marcelo Bravo

Throughout the eight years that I have had the pleasure of knowing Mari, I am always struck by her ability to share wisdom and guidance from a place of genuine kindness and humility. Mari is a fantastic communicator with the gift of being able to truly listen in conversation by being present. I have always felt comfortable opening up to her about the matters I hold dearest to my heart. Mari inspires me to

Eboni H.

Mari has been a pillar of mindfulness in my life. Through our conversations, 

I’ve been able to unfold the layers of my healing; specifically in the realm of daughterhood and understanding my mother’s journey in this life. I am grateful to know her.

Jessy Santana

Mari is a grounded energy and powerful force for holding spaces of healing. She has helped me on my healing journey and always has sound reflections and words of wisdom for myself and those in our communities. 

Gilbert A.

Mari is someone that throughout my whole life has made me feel at ease not just with her but with myself. There’s never any hint of judgment when talking with her. You can really talk to her about anything and better yet, she’ll always give advice that you can take with you forever.

Laura Castellano

Mari has given me a new perspective on what generational trauma is and how to deal w all these feelings that come attached to it. She has been inspirational in teaching us how to take care of ourselves first, how to Manage being mom, wife, career women all into one person, and allowing us to learn how to take care of ” me” first. For me and my sister, as my dad passed in February, she kept a close watch on us..reaching out to make sure we were okay.  Moments where I felt lost and unseen her messages of encouragement were appreciated. And I feel we never thank her enough. ❤

Bri C.

Mari has a special gift for making people feel comfortable and seen. She uses her warm nature to truly listen to and hear others and has always made herself available for advice or a boost of positive encouragement. Her selflessness and empathy make her a light in the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.

Maribel Bolivar

Having a sister like Mari in my life is a blessing bc she helps me see the light at the end of my sometimes dark tunnel. She listens and is empathic. Her words are kind and inspiring and I walk away from our conversation with a  clear train of thought and a positive attitude 💕

Tamika Parker

Being friends with Mari has been enlightening in many ways. Her positive attitude encourages me to be more reflective of myself. The many conversations we’ve had around health and wellness have helped me to stay focused, and to keep moving.

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