Journey into Meditation

Meditation is the key to slowing down

Hey Love, if you landed here it’s because you are curious about Meditation & if that is so this page has just the tools to help you get started. Meditation bottom line is just about learning to calm your mind and focus. Contrary to what most people picture when they think about Meditation it is not about stopping yourself from thinking. That never happens! We just learn to reel our focus in by using techniques such as simple breathing.

I started practicing Yoga & Meditation five years ago this summer. I credit these practices for saving my life. The changes they bought to my mind, body & spirit at a time when I felt my lowest helped me to literally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have shared that journey here. I can’t express enough how liberating these practices can be and how much growth they bring out of you. It’s like taking blinders off and seeing the world for the very first time.

I am dedicating this page to sharing with you images and videos that can & will help you on this journey if you wish to try. You will see shares of me as well during my practices. Life is to be lived not to just pass through, not just to be Tolerated. It is a choice to sit in sorrow or mourn the loss and move forward. Not forgetting but learning through healing, kindness and love for ourselves. 


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